On the evening of May 22, 2024, at 6:40 PM, the Milwaukee Brewers will take on the Miami Marlins at loanDepot Park under slightly cloudy skies. Freddy Peralta, with an ERA of 4.168 this season, will start as pitcher for the Brewers. For the Marlins, Jesús Luzardo, who holds a higher ERA of 5.018, will take the mound.

In the 2024 NL Central Division, the Brewers are currently fourth with a respectable record of 28-20 (0.58 winning percentage). They’ve shown solid performance in the division with 13 wins against 7 losses, positively impacting their divisional ranking at first place. The Brewers have been fairly consistent, notching five wins in their last ten matches and riding a win streak from their last game. Their away record stands strong at 16-11, outshining their home record of 12-9. They have scored 244 runs while allowing 205.

Contrastingly, the Marlins are struggling in the NL East Division, ranked last with a record of 16-34, reflecting a 0.32 winning percentage. They are at the bottom of their division standings, with only four wins in 16 division games. Recent games show a slight improvement, with six wins in their last ten, but they have lost their most recent fixture. The Marlins have been weaker at home (9-19) than on the road (7-15). They have scored 192 runs and surrendered a high of 275 runs.

Focusing on the betting odds for this matchup, despite the challenges faced by the Marlins, they’ve been set with a HomeTeamMoneyLine of +114, presenting a fair challenge against the Brewers’ -135 AwayTeamMoneyLine. The points spread is fixed at 1.5, hinting at a closely contested game, however, the Over/Under is set at 7.5, which could suggest expectations of a low-scoring affair. These odds provide an intriguing set of possibilities for bettors, considering the visible contrast in both teams’ recent performances and standings.