The Miami Marlins are set to clash with the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field on May 24, 2024, starting at 9:40 PM under clear skies. On the mound, the Marlins will deploy Braxton Garrett, who carries an ERA of 10.241, while Zac Gallen, with a stellar ERA of 3.020, will pitch for the Diamondbacks. As of now, the Marlins are at the bottom of the NL East Division with a 17-34 record, a winning percentage of 0.33, and a divisional record of 4-12. Despite their overall challenges, they show some recent momentum with 7 wins in their last 10 outings, including a current single-game win streak. At home, their record is 10-19, and on the road, they’ve managed 7-15. They have performed similarly in day and night games, with 10 and 7 wins respectively. The Marlins have scored 193 runs while allowing 275. On the other hand, the Diamondbacks, situated seventh in the NL West, show a slightly better record of 24-26, a 0.48 winning percentage, and stand third in their division with an 11-9 record. They’re currently on a two-game winning streak with 6 victories in their last 10 games. Their performance at home mirrors their road results, both standing at 12-13. Equally, they have split their day and night game victories, each at 12. The team has scored 241 runs and conceded 234. This matchup promises a contrast in team dynamics, considering the Marlins’ struggle for consistency versus the Diamondbacks’ strive for balance.